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The Church is facing a dilemma today, and that dilemma is over demons! Waves of new teachings are sweeping through the church, across all denominational lines. Emphasis is being placed on the demons through the teachings of the "Kingdom Now" theology, "War in the Heavenlies", Dominion Theology, "Joel's Army", and other similar teachings.

Popular is "deliverance" for "demonism" of individual Christians, allegedly polluted through their bloodlines and "generational curses". Much time and energy is expended on the endless cycle of the "binding" of demons, even in Christian counseling circles.

In this presentation, two questions are asked and answered: Can a Christian have a demon? Can a demon have a Christian? The Bible gives clear answers to both these questions. Lorri MacGregor, in Discernment ministry for over a quarter century, and author of two books, seven videos, and numerous booklets and teaching tapes, presents clear counsel from the Bible on these important topics.

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