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Mike Gendron

Mike Gendron - The authority of Rome (2003) For over 34 years, Evangelist Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and a strong defender of the "one true church." He was taught from a very early age, to trust and rely on the church, its priests, the sacraments and his own good works for salvation. However in 1981 he discovered the Roman Catholic plan of salvation was diametrically opposed to the Gospel of grace revealed in the Bible. This lead to a crisis of faith. Should he trust Christ and His Word or the teachings and traditions of his religion? He knew he could not believe both. Mike put his faith in the Lord Jesus alone and left the Catholic church. Mike and his wife Jane have a love for Catholics as they seek to point Catholics to the Lord Jesus Christ as their all sufficient Savior. Listen.


Mike Gendron - The gospel of Rome (2003)
During Mike's last semester at Dallas Theological Seminary, he and his wife Jane began inviting Roman Catholics over to their home every Tuesday night to watch a Gospel video and answer questions. Within three months, they witnessed 17 Catholics exchange their religion for a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Soon they began inviting the new converts back on Wednesday nights to be discipled and to teach them everything Christ has commanded. With great joy the Gendrons witnessed these new converts, who were once dead in sins, come alive in Christ and begin to grow in His grace and knowledge. Mike’s talk about the gospel of Rome is gentle and compassionate sharing Jesus with Roman Catholics. Listen.

Mike Gendron: The Jesus of Rome (2003) Listen.

Walter Martin

Dr. Walter Martin discusses the text used by the Catholic church to “prove” that Peter is the Rock. Dr. Martin decisively refutes this idea using the Scripture. Listen.

Dr. Walter Martin continues his talk on the Catholic tradition that Peter is the Rock that the church is built upon. Excellent message. Listen.

What does the Catholic Church teach on the doctrines of justification, faith, and the Catholic mass? Dr. Walter Martin’s classic teaching exposes differences between the teaching of the Bible and Catholicism. Listen to part 1.

Dr. Walter Martin continues his classic teaching on Faith, Purgatory and the Catholic Mass. Listen to Part 2.

Dr. Walter Martin teaches on the Catholic doctrine of Mary and penance. Dr. Martin was a scholar who wrote the book The kingdom of the cults. Listen.

Dr. Walter Martin continues his talk on the Catholic doctrines of penance and Mary as the mother of God. Listen.

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